~ Show Photos on his way to his Championship ~


Ripley at his first show.  What a beautiful baby :)



Ripley's first win. WD, BOW, BOB over Specials
Under Breeder Judge Mrs. Patricia Healy (pictured above)
Handler Naomi Gibbs
Then on to a Group 3 Under Judge Dr.Ronald Spritzer (pictured below)





Grand Sweepstakes under Judge Ms Becky Odisho
(Pacific NW Boxer club)



Ripley does it again! His first major, BOB over 5 specials under Breeder Judge Mr.Brian Meyer
and another Group 3 under Judge Mrs Judith Brown
Handled by Naomi Gibbs




WD, BOW under Judge Mrs.Patricia Hastings




Ripley's 3rd major win under Breeder Judge Ms Diane Mallet!!




Judge: Mr. George Heitzman



We would like to thank the following judges for recognizing Ripley's wonderful qualities
 and awarding him with such exciting wins!

Judge Win Points
Breeder Judge Mrs. Patricia Healy WD/BOW/BOB (over specials) 1Point
Dr.Ronald Spritzer

Group 3


Breeder Judge Mr.Brian Meyer WD/BOW/BOB (over 5 specials) 3 Point Major
Mrs Judith Brown

Group 3


Mrs.Pat Hastings WD/BOW 1 Point
Ms Becky Odisho
(Pacific NW Boxer club)
Grand Sweepstakes


Mr.Rick Gschwender
(same weekend of PNWPC specialty)
WD/BOW 3 Point Major
Mrs. Louise Van Alystne WD 2 Points
Breeder Judge Ms Diane Mallet WD/BOW 3 Point Major
Mr. George Heitzman WD/BOW- NEW CHAMPION! 3 Point Major


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