Am/Can Ch. Mi-T's Too Hot To Handle "Priscilla" and Mi-T's Mister Hot Stuff "Andy" got their names from our almost fatal house fire, which started in the whelping room.  Thanks to our "Protection One" fire and security system we saved all of our dogs and house.  Believe me, if you don't have a fire protection system you need to get one.  It's well worth the money.


Since Andy and Priscilla were both named after the fire, I am sure you think they are littermates.  Well, they aren't.  Priscilla's dam is Ch. Mi-T's Take A Chance On Me "Haley".  She whelped 5 puppies and one was born dead on August 12, 2002.   Haley was upset about the puppy that didn't survive.  Andy was born by c-section out of Am/CanCh Mi-T's Bit of Black And Gold "Anna" on August 13, 2002 and was a single puppy.  His mother didn't have any milk, so we decided during the surgery we would give him to Haley.  I rushed Andy home and put him in the whelping box with Haley and her 4 babies.  From that moment on, Andy and Priscilla have been together.


Priscilla sire is Ch. Raintree's Regarding Henry.  Henry's sire is Ch. Jem's Jack of Diamonds, SOM and his dam is Ch. Raintree's Java Connection.


Priscilla is 23 inches tall and weighs 63 pounds.  She is a lovely bitch, that has a body that is as smooth as glass.  Her long beautiful neck fits on her well laid back shoulders and flows into her lovely back, topline and high tailset.  She has a gorgeous head with an excellent bite and double dark haws to boot. 


Priscilla started her show career the spring of 2005.  With very limited showing we are very pleased with her accomplishments.  Priscilla earned her Canadian championship in one weekend in 3 different shows.  Then she came back to the United States to take Winners Bitch at the Oregon Boxer Club Specialty.  Then the next set of shows that we took her to, she went Winners Bitch at the Pacific NW Boxer Club Specialty.  Both specialty wins were under Breeder/Judges which makes these wins even more exciting.  We would like to thank the following judges for recognizing all the excellent qualities that Priscilla has to offer our breed. 



Judge Win Points Handler
Mrs. WB/BOW/BOB 2 points Kristen Antinoja
Mrs. Judy Voran (Breeder/Judge)
(Oregon Boxer Club Specialty)
WB 4 Point Major Michelle Yeadon
Mrs. Cheryl Robbins (Breeder/Judge)
(Pacific NW Boxer Club Specialty)
WB 4 Point Major Michelle Yeadon
Mrs.Lisa DeRoulet
(Rose City Classic -OBC Specialty Weekend)
WB/BOW 4 Point Major Michelle Yeadon
Mrs.Lisa DeRoulet WB/BOW 1 Point Shea Skinner




Priscilla winning at the Pacific Northwest Boxer Club Specialty
Under Breeder Judge Mrs. Cheryl Robbins handled by Michelle Yeadon





Priscilla and Michelle winning Winners Bitch at the Oregon Boxer Club Specialty
Under Breeder Judge Mrs Judy Voran




This photo was taken by Jerry Vavra Photography and given as a gift

 to the wonderful crew of the Polk County Firefighters who saved our precious dogs and our home.





Pricilla was bred to Ch.Mi-T Distinguished Gentleman
Watch for their two daughters in the ring!

Mi-T's Prim N' Proper -"Riley"

Mi-T's Electrical Storm - "Tesla"








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