Mi-T's Total Love Package "Koby" is a stunning dark brindle male with a headpiece and expression we all dream for. This was a frozen semen litter out of our beautiful "Gloria"- Am/Can Ch.Mi-T's Forever Love and sired by "Packer" Am/CanCh.Draymia's Total Package,CD SOM. Packer was a Ch.Marquam Hills Trapper of TuRo,SOM,LOM son bred and owned by Cheryl Stevens (Draymia Boxers).  Koby's pedigree speaks for itself. We are so thankful to Cheryl sharing Packer with us to produce our Koby.  He has some of the oldest bloodlines around today. For this reason, I've decided to also keep his littersister Mi-T's Lady In Red  We have high hopes for this lovely boy! He is co-owned Cheri Zachow, Linda Greene and Mi-T Boxers. He lives with Cheri Zachow and goes to work with her every day at Natural Pet . Koby is selectively being show handled by his owner Cheri.

~SAS  - Auscultation & Echo/Doppler - No Murmur - Dr. Kathryn J. Atkinson, DVM, MS, ACVIM
~OFA  - Heart -Normal
~OFA  - Hips -Good
~OFA  -Elbows- Normal
~Holter - 2011, 2012
~ARVC - Hetero
~DM    - Carrier











A young Koby with his owner Cheri



Koby snuggling with his housemate and half brother Arrow





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