Ch.Mi-T's Take a Chance on Me is sired by Can.Ch.Aracrest's Epic,SOM A/C who is a son of the incredible Can.Ch.Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici, SOM, SOM A/C and his dam is a Ch.Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker,SOM,LOM daughter. Epic became a Candian Sire of Merit in 2000. Epic achieved Canada's Top Sire of the Year award for the year 2000. Epic then became a Sire of Merit in 2004.

Haley's dam is Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Bit of Black and Gold "Anna". Anna is Mi-T Boxer’s first homebred champion finishing with 4 majors.   Anna’s sire is Ch. Cayman’s Black Bart, who was the 1995 Top-Twenty winner at American Boxer Club National Specialty.  Haley has 2 litter-sisters who have finished their American/Canadian championship. They can be seen under their own pages "Poppy" and  "Tori".  The third sister is pointed in the United States Mi-T's You're Still The One "Shania".

Haley is a stag red flashy brindle that stand s 24 inches tall and weighs about 62 pounds. Haley has a long elegant neck, smooth shoulders,level topline and a smooth well balanced body.

Haley is our youngest boxer to ever finish her championship at just 21 months old. At the ABC National Specialty in 2000 Haley placed 4th in her large class of 21 under Breeder Judge Mrs Duana Young. She was handled by Norah McGriskin.

At the Pacific NW Boxer Club Specialty Mrs.Duana Young found her again and awarded her WB/BOW/BOS for a 4 point Major. Haley won Winners Bitch again the next day to finish her Championship.

We are very proud of Haley's accomplishments and would like to recognize the following judges for acknowledging her outstanding qualities. 

Judge Win Points Handler
Mrs.Lee Canalizo WB 2 Points Kristen Antinoja
Mrs JoAnn K. Dutton WB 1 Point Kristen Antinoja
Mr.Ronald R. Krohne WB/BOW 1 Point Kristen Antinoja
Mr.Vincent G. Mulligan WB 1 Point Kristen Antinoja
Mrs Fay Strauss WB/BOW 1 Point Kristen Antinoja
Dr.Robert D.Smith WB/BOW/BOS 3 Point Major Michelle Yeadon
Mrs.Duana Young
(Pacific NW Boxer Club)
WB/BOW/BOS 4 Point Major Michelle Yeadon
Mr.Arthur Davison WB 3 Point Major Micheele Yeadon





Haley was bred to Am/CanCh.Raintree's Regarding Henry
She has one champion daughter
Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Too Hot To Handle - Priscilla








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