Below are family members that we have bred and/or co-own





  Sire:CanCh.Aracrest's Epic,SOM A/C  Dam: Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Bit of Black and Gold  

Breeders: Randy & Terri Pope


Owners: Peter & Michelle Yeadon (Mephisto Boxers) Co-owners Randy & Terri Pope


Shown to both her Canadian and American Championship by Michelle Yeadon







  Sire:Am/CanCh.Mi-T Convincing Guy  Dam:Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Keepsake of Heartstring  

Breeders: Randy & Terri Pope


Owners:Jeff & Miranda Vande Kuyt (Canada)









   Sire:Am/Can Ch. Bentbrook's Image of High Noon  Dam:Am/Can Ch.Mi-T Impressive Mephisto, DOMC    

Breeders: Randy & Terri Pope


Watch for Cindy's kids sired by Am/Can Ch. RipnT's Too Hot To Handle


GCh.Mi-T's Look Who's Hot at RipnT's "Safara"


Ch.Mi-T's Magical Spell  "Sabrina"


Mi-T's Sundance Kid  "Sonny" - 2 points









  Sire: Ch.Hi-Tech's Johnny J of Boxerton,SOM  Dam:Am/CanCh.Mi-T Impressive Mephisto  

Breeders: Randy & Terri Pope, Michelle Yeadon


Owned by Mike& Diana Skalla Co-Owned by Randy & Terri Pope

  Watch for Amber's daughter sired by Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Believe It Or Not on the east coast  

Mi-T's Mafia Princess "Gemma"  - Owned by Donna Lauricella









  Sire: Ch.Kimkar's Hi-Tech Traveler   Dam:Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Forever Love  

Breeders:Randy & Terri Pope


Owners: Kerri Carter (Washington)


Watch for this busy little girl in the agility and rally rings with her owner Keri










Sire:Ch.Kimkar's Hi-Tech Travler  Dam:Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Forever Love


Breeder: Randy & Terri Pope


Owners: Tannis Boissonnault (Canada)




 4 points










  Sire: Ch.Mi-T Distinguished Gentleman  Dam:Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Too Hot To Handle  

Breeders: Randy & Terri Pope


Owners: Kay Rose, Kim & Whitney Rutherford ( Beacon Boxers - Texas)


3 points







  Sire:Ch.Mi-T Distinguished Gentleman   Dam:Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Too Hot To Handle  

Breeders: Randy & Terri Pope


Owners: Heather Mc Intosh (Everlast Boxers - Washington)
1 point




  Sire:Am/CanCh.RipnT's Too Hot To Handle   Dam: Mi-T's Cindy Lou Who  

Breeders: Terri & Randy Pope


Owner: Tina Montgomery ( RipnT Boxers - Oregon)
Safara lives with her daddy Lava
All owner handled by Tina





Extended family " The Boys"